Do people tell you to “just think positively”, leaving you wondering… how? Do you picture the type of relationship you want, yet find yourself repeatedly in relationships that resemble something quite different? If an issue is not relatively easy to change, then chances are, there is a block of some sort preventing the progression and flow of balanced feelings and healthy relationships. It can be frustrating, discouraging and painful as an intelligent and competent person to work on a personal goal and not get the results you hope for. The problem with these blocks is that you may not be consciously aware of them. How can you heal something you don’t know exists? An integrative model of psychotherapy allows blocks to be illuminated and then dissolved so you can have the results you desire while taking out much of the struggle. You do not have to change who you are to feel better or get the relationship you want. Instead, you can remove the barriers that are preventing you from becoming and embracing your true self.


Deciding to begin therapy can be both exciting and overwhelming. For many people, the difficulty lies in being vulnerable as well as confronting painful feelings and experiences. On the other hand, the possibility of improving relationships and self-worth can feel exhilarating.

In entering therapy with me, expect a calm, comfortable presence where you have the opportunity to share your struggles without judgment or criticism. The initial session serves as a meeting to gather information and get to know each other, assess your challenges as well as strengths, and come up with realistic goals to move forward. I work collaboratively, so we move at a pace that is comfortable for you, even though therapy may involve stepping out of one’s comfort zone at times. I often recommend tools that can be practiced outside of therapy to speed up progress and foster self-reliance.

The Virtual Environment: If you do not live in Portland, or if remote sessions offer more flexibility and convenience, sessions are currently offered both online and in-person. My aim is to create a similar experience of warmth, connection and attunement in the virtual environment as I do in the office.


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Saying farewell to one chapter and beginning a new one: we know what we are leaving behind but do not yet know what we are gaining. To experience the pain of letting go alongside the thrill of the adventure ahead is a bittersweet journey. Throughout the process of my move from California to Oregon, I endured a wide spectrum of emotions. My goal was to be present for all of it (whatever it was) even if I had to sit through varying levels of discomfort. And I don’t know which feeling was […]

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